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Saint Eligius - Patron Saint of Numismatics
(40mm diameter across the flats, 28.97g brass medal, struck in 1966 by the Van Brook Mint of Lexington, KY)

Welcome to the research site of Beast Coins, LLC. Here you will find topics and collections from Ancient Rome to worldly bears.  

Most of the material found on this site was part of my collection or was inventory sold through my VCoins store. Some of the topics on this site with the most extensive research thus far include:


Ancient Architecture (specifically campgates)


Ancient and World Bears


Eastern and Antioch Hadrian AR Denarii


and most importantly, the Victoriae Laetae series of Late Roman period.


Contact Information

Please note - I do not offer opinions on authenticity of coins based on photos. Also, I will not provide information about the possible value of your coin or collection. There are many resources available on the Internet for you to do the work and determine for yourself what you believe your coin to be worth. Start with eBay and see what other examples are going for in the marketplace.

Thanks and enjoy the site,

--Zach "Beast" Beasley


            Maximvs Vrsvs, Official mascot of Beast Coins

Winner of the Numismatic Literary Guild 2005 "Best Column" award in the World Coins category for co-author with Kevin Barry on "The Internet Connection" in the Celator magazine


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