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Axumite Kingdom

Anonymous Early Christian Kings, Time of Ezanas -  c.340-425

Axumite Kingdom, Anonymous Early Christian Kings, Time of Ezanas (c.340-425), AE Unit, Ethiopian Mint
(Corrupted legend)
Draped bust right, wearing headcloth
(Ge‘ez legend = "May this please the country")
Legend surrounding cross within circular border
12mm x 13mm, 1.45g
Hahn, Aksumite 33; Munro-Hay type 52; BMC Axum 83-96
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Consignor notes: Christianity was introduced to Axum in the early years after Christ's death (refer to Acts 8:27-40, the story about the Ethiopian Eunuch being baptized). This is the earliest known Christian coin minted in a country outside of the Roman Empire.

Ousas - c.500 AD (also spelled Ousanas)

Axumite Kingdom, Ousas (Ousanas), AV Tremissis, c.500 AD
+ OYCANA-B_AΓIΛEΛC (Λ upside down)
Crowned and robed bust right, framed by two grain-ears, shield symbol above
Draped bust right, wearing headcloth, framed by two grain ears
19mm, 1.63g
Munro-Hay Type 89; BMC Aksum 405

Consignor notes: Sharp EF. Uneven strike as usual for issue.