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United States of America - Obsolete Currency: Massachusetts
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MA-935 - Adams Bank

Massachusetts, North Adams - $50 Adams Bank (1832-1865)
Unissued, Unsigned Proof - Punch Cancelled (Late 1850s-1860s?)
Plate B
Baldwin, Bald & Cousland - New York; Bald, Cousland & Co. - Philadelphia
Property of American Bank Note Co stamp on reverse
Fate: Became the Adams National Bank
Haxby MA-935---

Note: Red lathework overall on obverse, covering devices, red outlining white 50. Haxby only lists $50 in early 1830s from Patent Stereotype Steel Plate and 1850s from Rawdon, Wright, Hatch and Edson with completely different designs.

MA-956 - Northampton Bank (2nd)

Massachusetts, Northampton - $1 Northampton Bank (2nd), (1833-1865)
No. 843 - May 25, 1863 (Signed)
Plate A
New England Bank Note Company - Boston; American Bank Note Company monogram
Fate: Became the Northampton National Bank
Haxby MA-956-S5

Note: This is a spurious design which doesn't remotely imitate the correct type for the period from this bank.

MA-1175 - Chicopee Bank

Massachusetts, Springfield - $3 Chicopee Bank (1836-1860s)
No. 820 - May 1, 1862 (Signed)
Plate A
American Bank Note Co. - New York; American Bank Note Co. monogram
Fate: Became the Chicopee National Bank of Springfield
Haxby MA-1175-S10

Note: This is a spurious design, imitating a rough verbal description of genuine notes on this bank (MA-1175-G40, SENC by DS&H; SH&D)