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Constantine VI and Irene: September 8, 780 - August 19, 797

Constantine VI and Irene, AR Miliaresion, 780-797, Constantinople
Cross potent on three steps, triple-border
COnS / tAntInO / S S IRInI E / C QEu bA / SILIS +
Legend in five lines, triple-border
20mm, 2.06g
SB 1595

Note: Scarcer type with reverse legend followed by cross.

Constantine VI and Irene, AE Follis, 780-797, Constantinople
(No legend)
Bust of Irene facing, wearing crown and loros, globus cruciger in right hand, cruciform scepter in left
(No legend)
Facing bust of Constantine VI, beardless, wearing crown and chlamys, globus cruciger in right hand, cross and pellet in right field, all above horizontal bar
Large M between X and N and over A in exergue
18mm x 19mm, 2.47g
SB 1598