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Crusaders of Antioch

Anonymous Issue of the Tancred Crusaders of Antioch, AE Follis, 1104-1112
(No legend)
Nimbate bust of St. Peter (Patron saint of Antioch) right, cross in left hand, O in left field, all in dotted circle border
Legend in four lines in dotted circle border
21mm x 24mm, 3.78g

Autonomous Issue of Antioch Cusaders, AE Fractional Denier, 1120-1140
AN / TIOC / HIA in three lines
Three annulets above and below
(No legend)
Castle with three towers, the front with four rows and three turrets, the rear (center) with three rows and three turrets, two archways, three bushes below
16mm, 1.04g
Malloy Crusader 13b variant (?); Metcalf Crusades 463

Notes from Steve Ford: This coin is a very rare anonymous AE fractional denier of Antioch. It is listed on page 202 as number 13b in the 1994 edition of Alex Malloy's Coins of the Crusader States. The approximate date of issue is cited as 1120-1140 A.D. The weight of the coin should be in the range of 0.60 to 0.80g.

This variety appears to be missing from the collection at the Ashmolean Museum as it is not illustrated in D.M. Metcalf's Coinage of the Latin East. The museum does, however, have a similar anonymous fractional denier that is plated as number 463, weighing 0.57g.

CNG sold an example of a lighter variety of this piece in their VCoins store described as nVF in December 2006 for $295.