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Romanus II:  April 6, 945 - March 15, 963
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Romanus II, AV Solidus, 959, Constantinople
Facing busts of Christ, wearing nimbus cruciger, two pellets in each limb of cross, pallium and colobium, right hand raised in benediction, book of Gospels in left
O n ZZAnt' CE ROmA'n' AmVVVV
Facing busts of Constantine VII, with short beard on left, and Romanus II, beardless on right, each wearing crown, holding long patriarchal cross with pellet on shaft and globus on base between them, Constantine wearing loros, Romanus wearing chlamys, pellet to right of cross base
19mm x 20mm, 4.35g
SB --; DOC III -- (cf. DOC 15 of Constantine VII); F. Feg, "Vom Umgang mit Zufall und Wahrscheinlichkeit in der Numismatischen Forschung,"SNR 76 (1997), Plate IV, B4

Notes from a similar example from different dies sold by CNG, Triton IX, Lot 1661, January 2006: Feg places this issue, which continues the previous issue under the joint reign with Constantine VII, in the early days of the sole reign of Romanus II, who succeeded his father after a tumultuous reign of 46 years. The dies are re-used solidus dies of Constantine, but with the reverse legend obliterated by over-cutting. Romanus is reputed to have had scant interest in governing, leaving the administration of the empire to his wife, Theophano, and a group of advisors led by Joseph Bringas. There seems to have been little incentive to produce a coinage in the name of this ineffectual ruler, his only other solidi being two rare types, both of which were thought to survive in unique specimens at the time the DOC catalogue was compiled. They are in any case the last solidi struck before the introduction of the tetarteron by Nicephorus II.