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Theodora - January 11, 1055-August 21, 1056


Theodora, AV Histamenon Nomisma, 1055-1056, Constantinople
Christ standing facing on footstool, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, book of Gospels in booth hands, all in double border
Theodora on left, standing facing, wearing crown, saccos and loros, right hand on breast, left hand holding labaraum between nimbate Virgin standing facing on right, wearing pallium and maphorium, M | Q near her shoulders in field, all in double border
24mm, 4.40g
SB 1837; DOC 1c

Note: Specimen sent to David Sear. From the Forgery Report of November 6, 2008:

"This is a modern (probably 19th century) cast forgery of a gold histamenon nomisma of Constantinople issued in the name of the Byzantine Empress Theodora (AD 1055-1056). Although of normal weight, the surfaces of the coin show porosity typical of the casting process and there is extensive evidence of edge filing. In addition, the color of the metal is too pale for an issue of this date indicating that a poorer quality alloy has been used by the counterfeiter."