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Anonymous Issues of the Empire of Thessalonica - 1242-1246

Anonymous Issue (attributed to John Comnenus Ducas), Billon Small Module Trachy, c.1242-1246, Empire of Thessalonica
(No legend)
(No legend)
Patriarchal cross, pellet after each end, open circle in lower left field
13mm x 16mm, 0.57g
SB --; DOC IV --; Penchev 978-985, p.52

Note: Missing from both Sear Byzantine and Dumbarton Oaks. Also, no examples in the LHS 97 sale of the Protonotarios Collection of Late Byzantine coins. Michael Braunlin provided the Penchev reference from "A hoard of copper (billon) scyphati from the first half of the 13th century found near Petrich", published by Agato in Sofia in 2003.