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Eden Seminary Collection

Eden Seminary is an ecumenical graduate school of the United Church of Christ. It is located in Webster Groves, Mo., a suburb of St Louis. The collection was put together by one of the seminary's alumni, Paul Syster of Florida. According to the documentation, Mr. Syster built the collection in the 1920's-50's. After his death, it was donated to Eden Seminary by his widow, where it sat in their vault. The current president asked for permission from the board of directors to sell the collection, in order to fund several different improvement projects at the school. Upon approval for sale, the collection was appraised by and sold through Vaughn Rare Coin Gallery on VCoins.

To be rephotographed - Photo owned by Vaughn

Claudius II, Antoninianus, 268-270, Siscia, Officina 2
Radiate, cuirassed bust right
Two Victories standing facing each other, attaching shield inscribed with SC to tree
II in exergue
20mm, 3.1g
RIC V, Part I, 196 (R)
Ex Vaughn Rare Coin Gallery, VCoins, October 2006; Ex Eden Seminary Collection