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Fraud Alerts

I am reporting the following, which happened to me, in the hopes that others may avoid these fraudulent parties.

eBay Sellers/Auctions

eBay id: NORBANO
Email address: norbano@telefonica.net

Francisco Cabanzon
Calle Kinea Numero 5 2D
Casar de Caceres
Codigo Postal 10190

Bank Information: Caja Duero, BIC CSSOES2S, IBAN ES96 2104 0488 9030 0000 7034

I won this Julia Paula denarius for 117 euros on January 24, 2008. It is a fake and I returned the coin and received an email confirmation on March 8 that Mr. Cabanzon did receive it. On April 16, 2008 I received an email that Mr. Cabanzon would be sending me a cash refund. As of February 3, 2009 I still have not received the refund. I would avoid all transactions with this seller.

Direct Contact Sellers

Boris Sokolov
Email address: b.sokolov@bk.ru

Home Address:
Zamshina st. 15 - 87
St. Petersburg, 195221

Store Address:
Umanskii per. 8
St. Petersburg, 195248
+7 (812) 703-77-86

"Collection owner's" address
Bolshaya Gruzinskaya st. 6 - 109
Moscow, 123242

Bank Informtion: Beneficiary account #: 40817840808300000150 Beneficiary name :
Chebotareva Tatiana Vladimirovna Beneficiary's bank : Alfa Bank,
Kalanchevskaya, 27, Moscow, Russia Beneficiary's bank SWIFT: ALFARUMM

Correspondent account of Alfa Bank, Moscow: 890-0570-822

Bank of New York, New York
One Wall Street, New York, NY 10286
Correspondent bank's Swift: IRVTUS3N

On November 28, 2008, Mr. Sokolov contacted several VCoins dealers with a number of small collections of stamps, world and US coins and banknotes for sale on behalf of some local Russian collectors through his antiquities store in St. Petersburg. None of the collections were particularly valueable or interesting and the $10 banknote on the entry is one example from one of the collections. The images Mr. Sokolov sent of the two small collections of world coins and banknotes in which I was interested showed decent store stock material and the prices for the collections were in line with what one would expect wholesale. After some correspondence, we settled on a down-payment of $700 for the two collections, which were to be sent via FedEx when the wire transfer cleared. The funds were deposited in the Alfa Bank account above on December 23, 2008 and no further correspondence from Mr. Sokolov has been received. I am currently working on submitting a case to the FBI for international fraud and will update this entry as appropriate.


Andreca Pawel
Email address: smenuit@yahoo.com

19 Rue Theodore de Banville
75017, Paris
Phone: 0033666191330

Stolen Credit Card Information:
American Express, Account 374604706813000, Security Code 3834

Mr. Pawel is a well-known criminal from France and has been defrauding dealers for years. On March 13, 2007, he attempted to order four obsolete Louisiana banknotes from my VCoins store for a total of $500 on the above stolen Amex card. The charge was declined, but I was already familiar with Mr. Pawel and would not have shipped the order even if the transaction would have been approved.

DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING TO MR. PAWEL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Click here to read more about other fraudulent buyers and sellers, including Mr. Pawel.