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Greek: Argos-Argolis

Argos-Argolis, AR Hemidrachm, c.228-164 BC, Eythykleos (Magistrate)
(No legend)
Forepart of wolf right
E | Y / Q | U / KLEOS
Large A, owl below
15mm x 16mm, 2.38g
Huntarian p. 153, 13

Note from Barry Murphy:  There isn't a complete list of the magistrate issues published anywhere.  The most often cited references are to BMC and Copenhagen.  BMC dates these issues to 228-164 BC, Copenhagen just says after 343 BC.  Your particular variety is not listed in either.  I did a quick check through some of the other standard references, McClean, Weber, Pozzi, Jameson, Delepierre and couldn't find it in any of those either.

Note from Curtis Clay:  We happen to have a coin of your magistrate in our photofile, TNA auction, Dec. 1983, lot 118.  They give two refs: Mionnet IV Suppl., p. 237, 5 and Glasgow, Hunter II, p. 153, 13, pl. XXXIX.11.  They give only a general date, c. 228-146 BC, and say "Very rare variant."

Side note:  In response to the question about a list of magistrates for this series, Barry Murphy is developing one, based on published works and auction catalogues.


Argos-Argolis, AR Hemidrachm, c.80s-50s BC, Epikrateos as Magistrate
(No legend)
Forepart of wolf left
E | ΠI / KP | A / TE_OΣ
Large A, Messianic cross below
15mm x 16mm, 2.28g
BCD Peloponessos 1172; cf. SNG Copenhagen 49
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Consignor notes: Argolis was diversely populated and included a large community of the Jewish Diaspora. The Jewish influence on the society can be seen in the use of the Messiah symbol on this coin.