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Greek: Bruttium-The Brettii

Bruttium-The Brettii, AR Drachm (Attic Standard), c.216-214 BC (Second Punic War)
(No legend)
Diademed, draped bust of Nike right, trophy behind
River god standing facing, crowning himself with right hand, scepter in left, incense altar at right
19.1mm, 4.56g, Die axis 7.0
Scheu 14; HN Italy 1960; SNG ANS 19-20; SNG Tübingen 491

Notes from consignor: Good EF. Excellent metal and centering, medium toning with colorful iridescence in protected areas, gorgeous coin. Unlike many examples of this issue, this coin does NOT have cleaning scratches.

Bruttium-The Brettii, AE Reduced Sextans, c.208-203 BC
(No legend)
Helmeted head of Ares left, griffin on helmet, cornucopiae below
Hera Hoplosmia advancing right, holding shield and spear, monogram and thunderbolt in right fields
25mm, 11.70g, Die axis 8.0
Scheu 55; HN Italy 2002; SNG ANS --

Notes from consignor: Good EF. Excellent metal, excellent centering, strike a bit soft, but beautiful patina and surfaces, attractive coin. Rare symbol combination.