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Greek: Bruttium-Kroton

Bruttium-Kroton, AR Octobol or Half-Stater, c.300-250 BC
(No legend)
Head of young Herakles or river-god Aesaros (?) right wearing taenia
Owl standing left, head facing, barley ear at feet to left
15mm x 17mm, 3.10g
Rutter, HN, 2195; SNG ANS 421-2

Note: The age, denomination and purpose of this enigmatic issue is difficult to determine, and opinions vary greatly. Rutter describes it as an octobol from circa 300-250 B.C.; Cahn, Mildenberg, Russo and Voegtli, in the Ludwig catalog favor circa 215-208 B.C., during the Second Punic War, based on their description of the companion issue - a silver piece of two-thirds weight. Even the head on the obverse is not easily identified: perhaps it is young Herakles or the river-god Aesaros.