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Greek: Cappadocia-Eusebeia

Cappadocia-Eusebeia, Anonymous Issue, AE15, Late 1st Century BC
(No legend)
Turreted head of Tyche right
Vertical palm branch
Staurogram in left field
15mm, 2.44g
Sear GCV II, 5704
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Consignor notes and comments:

Eusebeia (formerly Mazaca, the important town at the foot of Mount Argaios which was the capital of the Cappadocian Kingdom) was renamed Caesarea around 9 BC in honor of Augustus. Eusebeia means "right with God" or "Godliness". This city was on the main commerce route between the Aegean Sea and Mesopotamia and later hosted several Church Councils. It is mentioned in Acts 10 with the conversion of a Roman Centurion.

This entire region was populated with many of the Diaspora - both Jew and Samaritan. This is another coin with the staurogram that, coincidentally, was minted in an area with Samaritan influence.