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Greek: Caria-Rhodes

Caria-Rhodes, AR Hemidrachm, c.400-350 BC
(No legend)
Head of Helios facing slightly right
Rose, grapevine tendrils in fields with bunch of grapes at left and right, all in incuse square
10mm x 12mm, 1.69g
cf. SNG Keckman 369-74 (control); SNG Kayhan --; SNG von Aulock --; SNG Copenhagen 723; cf. SNG Munich 569-70 (control); cf. Karl 402-6 (control)

Note: The study on this coinage is R. Ashton. “The Coinage of Rhodes 408-c.190 BC” in Money and its Uses in the Ancient Greek World (Oxford, 2001), which I neither have, nor have access to a copy.

Greek, Caria-Rhodes, AR Drachm, c.304-166 BC, Kallisthenes as Magistrate
(No legend)
Head of Helios facing slightly right
Rose with buds on both sides, club to right, P | O across fields
15mm x 17mm, 2.54g
Boston Collection 2063
Ex Numismatik Naumann, Auction 16, Lot 384; Ex David Cannon Collection

Caria-Rhodes, AR Hemidrachm, c.275-250 BC
(No legend)
Head of Helios facing slightly right
Rose, bud to right, prow at left, AΠ monogram below
12mm, 1.45g
Ashton 22; SNG Keckman 486

Greek, Caria-Rhodes, AR Drachm, c.88-84 BC, Mahs as Magistrate
(No legend)
Radiate head of Helios right
Rose, bud to right, Isis crown in right field, P | O across fields, all in incuse square
14mm x 15mm, 2.13g
BMC 268; SNG Keckman 686; SNG München 610; Jenkins, Group E, 246
Ex David Cannon Collection