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Greek: Caria-Uncertain Mint

Caria-Uncertain Mint, AR Tetartemorion, c.5th Century BC
(No legend)
Confronted foreparts of two bulls
(No legend)
Forepart of bull left
7mm, 0.47g
SNG Kayhan 968; SNG Keckman 912; SNG von Aulock -; Rosen 398

Caria-Uncertain Mint, AR Hemiobol, c.4th Century BC
(No legend)
Ram's head right
(No legend)
Youthful male head right, Carian legend below (off flan)
7mm x 8mm, 0.33g
cf. SNG Kayhan 996-7; SNG Keckman 877; H. Troxell, "Carians in Miniature," Studies Mildenberg p. 253, 9A