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Greek: Cilicia-Nagidos

Cilicia-Nagidos, AR Stater (Persic Standard), c.420-380 BC
(No legend)
Head of Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath
Head of Aphrodite right, hair bound in sphendone
19mm, 10.67g, Die axis 4.0
Lederer 15; SNG France --; SNG Levante 2 var; SNG von Aulock --

Notes from consignor: VF, very rare. Good metal, iridescent toning in protected areas.

Cilicia-Nagidos, AR Stater (Persic Standard), c.380-360 BC
(No legend)
Aphrodite seated left, philae in right hand, smaller figure of ithyphallic Eros standing left behind her with spread wings
Dionysos Linaios standing facing, head left, vine-branch with grapes in right hand, thyrsos in left
P in exergue
24.7mm, 10.12g, Die axis 11.0
Lederer 23; SNG France 25 (same dies); SNG Levante --

Notes from consignor: Superb EF. Excellent metal, centering and strike, medium light toning with iridescence around devices, very attractive coin. Would be difficult to find a better example.