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Greek: Islands off Ionia-Chios

Ionian Islands-Chios, AR Drachm, c.2nd Century BC, Apollonides (magistrate)
(No legend)
Sphinx seated left within dotted border
Amphora upright within border of oak-wreath
Prow of galley in left field
19mm, 3.81g
BMC --; SNG Copenhagen --; SNG Copenhagen supplement --; SNG von Aulock --; SNG Munich --; SNG Kayhan --; SNG Delepierre --; SNG von Post --; Weber --; McClean --; Jameson --; Pozzi --; Gulbenkian --; Dewing --; BMFA --; BMFA supplement --; Du Chastel --; Ward --; de Hirsch --; K÷hler-Osbahr --; Wheaton --; Wulfing --; Norman Davis --; Waddington --

Possibly in Baldwin or Mavrogordato, but no ability to check those references.

Ionian Islands-Chios, AR Hemidrachm, c.400-380 BC
(No legend)
Sphinx seated left, upright amphora at left, bunch of grapes above, monogram at right, all on raised disc
(No legend)
Quadripartite incuse square with granulated recesses
11mm x 12mm, 1.60g
SNG von Aulock --; cf. SNG Copenhagen 1547 (lacking monogram); SNG Kayhan --; BMC 27, pl. XXXII, 7 = TraitÚ II 1961

Greek, Islands off Ionia-Chios, AE18, c.190-133 BC
(No legend)
Sphinx seated right, corn ear before
Amphora, bunch of grapes to left
16mm x 19mm, 4.65g
SNG Copenhagen 1573
Ex David Cannon Collection