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Greek: Ionia-Ephesos

Ionia-Ephesos, AR 1/64th Stater (Milesian Standard), 550-500 BC
(No legend)
Bee with curved wings
(No legend)
Eagle's head right
5mm x 6mm, 0.17g
SNG Kayan 126; Karwiese Series IV

Ionia-Ephesos, AR 1/96th Stater (Milesian Standard), after 546 BC
(No legend)
(No legend)
Star of eight rays within incuse square
4mm x 5mm, 0.11g
SNG Kayan --; Karwiese --

Note from John Mixter: The Milesian Standard is AR stater = 14.10g. The closest denomination to this very small coin is 1/96th stater.

Ionia-Ephesos, AR Drachm, c.480-460 BC
Bee with straight wings
(No legend)
Quadripartite incuse square
12mm x 13mm, 3.35g
Babelon, Traité, II, 1867; SNG von Aulock 7819

Ionia-Ephesos, AR Drachm, c.335-320 BC, Zenod[amas] (?) as Magistrate
Bee with straight wings
Quadripartite incuse divided by two broad bands, magistrate's name on horizontal band
15mm x 16mm, 2.94g
cf. P. Kinns, “The Pixodarus Hoard (CH 9.421): Ephesus,” CH IX, p. 198 = CNG 55, 491 for a hemidrachm with possibly this magistrate’s name ([...]WDAMAS)

Ionia-Ephesos, AE7, 3rd-2nd century BC
(No legend)
(No legend)
Head of stag right
7mm x 8mm, 0.47g

Greek, Ionia-Ephesos, AR Drachm, c.202-133 BC, Mitras as Magistrate
Bee with straight wings
Stag standing right before palm tree
16mm x 19mm, 3.81g
P. Kinns, The Attic Weight Drachms of Ephesos, NC 1999, S.88; Head Class X (S.51)
Ex David Cannon Collection

Note: Rare magistrate.

Ionia-Ephesos, AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 2nd century BC
(No legend)
Cista mystica containing serpent, all within ivy-wreath
(No legend)
Bow in case between two coiled serpents
EFE | cult statue of Ephesian Artemis across fields
31mm x 32mm, 12.57g
Sear GCV, Vol II, 4389v

Ionia-Ephesos, AR ?, 2nd century BC
(No legend)
?mm, ?g