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Greek: Ionia-Kolophon

Ionia-Kolophon, AR Hemiobol, c.450-410 BC
(No legend)
Facing head of Apollo
(No legend)
HM (ligate) within quadrilateral incuse
7mm x 8mm, 0.36g
SNG Kayhan 355; Milne 4; SNG Copenhagen -

Ionia-Kolophon, AR Tritemorion, c.450-410 BC
(No legend)
Head of Apollo (?) right wearing cap and ivy wreath
(No legend)
TP (ligate) within quadrilateral incuse
7mm x 8mm, 0.30g
SNG Kayhan 357; Milne 30; Winterthur 3034

Note: This coin is small and yet the celator really took pride in the dies and did an excellent job with the facial details and the delicate design of the laurel branch across the cap. Really a neat miniature piece of Greek art.

Note update from Don Hay - 01/30/2008: The reverse "monogram" indicates the denomination on these issues - the TP monogram is for Tritemorion, TE Tetartemorion, HM Hemiobol.  Perhaps the oldest coins with clear marks of denomination.