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Greek: Phoenicia-Arados

Hellenic Kingdoms, Phoenicia-Arados, Autonomous Issue, AR 1/3 Stater, c.400-350 BC
(No legend)
Laureate head of bearded deity right
(Phoenician legend)
Galley right on three lines of waves, partial dotted border above
12mm x 14mm, 3.11g
Betlyon 11-12; Sear GCV 5972; Hoover 40

Phoenicia-Arados, AE 16, 2nd Century BC
(No legend)
Bearded head of Zeus right
(Phoenician legend)
Ram of war galley
15mm x 17mm, 3.53g
BMC 123

Phoenicia-Arados, AR Drachm, 157/156 BC (Year 103)
(No legend)
Bee with straight wings; date in monogram form and monogram in upper left and right fields respectively
Stag standing right, palm tree behind
17mm, 4.18g
BMC p. 21, 160; SNG Copenhagen 34