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Greek: Phoenicia-Byblos

Phoenicia-Byblos, AR Dishekel, c.350-333 BC, King Azbaal
(No legend)
Three hoplites holding round shields in war galley sailing left, lion's head at prow, zig-zag waves with Phoenician NO below, hippocampus swimming left and murex below waves
(Phoenician legend)
Lion attacking bull left
23mm x 27mm, 13.20g
Dewing 2662

Phoenicia-Byblos, AR 1/16 Shekel, c.348-332 BC, ‘Addirmilk and ‘Iyyēn’ēl
(No legend)
Phoenician pentekonter with lion’s head prow and two hoplites holding shields sailing left, hippocampus below swimming left, Phoenician abbreviation ‘ayin gimel above tail
(Phoenician legend) ‘Iyyēn’ēl king is mighty
Lion attacking left bringing down bull
10mm x 11mm, 0.75g
Betlyon 21; SNG Copenhagen 134

‘Iyyēn’ēl is probably to be identified with the Enlyus who, according to Arrian (Anabasis 2.20.1), surrendered Byblos to Alexander in 332 BC.