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Greek: Thrace-Byzantion

Thrace-Byzantion, AR Tetrobol, c.357-340 BC
Cow standing left atop dolphin, border of large pellets
(No legend)
Quadripartite incuse punch in mill-sail pattern
10mm x 11mm, 1.19g
Sear GCV I, 1582; BMC 6

Thrace-Byzantion, AR Tetradrachm, Issue of Lysimachos (305-281 BC) struck in c.75-65 BC
(No legend)
Diademed head of Alexander right, with Ammon horn
Athena seated left, Nike in right hand, resting left hand on shield behind her, spear resting against outstretched arm; monogram above knee, BY on throne
Trident in exergue
31mm x 34mm, 16.23g
cf. SNG Stancomb 8-9 (monogram); Mektepini -; Müller -