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Parthian Kingdom - Phraates III: 70-57 BC

Parthian Kingdom, Phraates III (70-57 BC), AR Drachm, c.60 BC, Rhagae Mint
(No legend)
Long-bearded bust left wearing tiara (T39ii) decorated on side with horn and stags with prominent antlers around crest; circular border of pellets
Beardless archer wearing bashlyk and cloak, seated right on throne, bow in right hand
Tau-rho in right field
19mm x 21mm, 4.07g
Sellwood 39.4, Shore 181

Consignor notes and comments:

Parthia was home to a large population of the Diaspora, including Samaritans. The customs, history and prophecies of the Samaritans were shared with the religious leaders in Parthia. The main religion of Parthia was Zoroastrianism and Zoroastrian priests were most likely the "Wise Men" of the nativity story. These "wise men" were aware of the prophesied suffering Messiah, as shown by the tau-rho monograms on their coins.