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Kingdom of Persis

Kingdom of Persis, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, AR Obol, c.Early-Mid 2nd Century BC
(No legend)
Head right, with short beard, wearing diadem and kyrbasia surmounted by eagle
(No legend)
Fire temple, Ahura-Mazda above, Vadfradad at left standing right, standard surmounted by eagle at right
9mm, 0.69g
Alram 549

Kingdom of Persis, Oxathres (Vashir) II, AR Hemidrachm, c.Late 1st Century BC
(No legend)
Diademed bust of bearded king left, monogram behind
(Aramaic legend)
King standing right, holding scepter, facing lit altar
13mm x 14mm, 1.87g
Alram 583
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Kingdom of Persis, Unknown King II (Prince Y), AR Obol, c.90 AD
(No legend)
Bust of bearded king left, wearing close-fitting headdress ornamented with crescent containing pellet, triskeles symbol behind
(Partial Aramaic legend)
Legend surrounding stylized diadem
9mm x 10mm, 0.47g
Alram 619; Mitchiner ACW 751 (Hemidrachm)