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Roman Imperatorial: Marcus Junius Brutus

Roman Imperatorial, Marcus Junius Brutus, AR Denarius, 42 BC, Military Mint traveling with Brutus and Cassius in Western Asia Minor or Northern Greece, Pedanius Costa as Legate
Laureate head of Apollo right
Trophy with shield and spears in saltire
16mm x 17mm, 3.33g
Brutus 4; Crawford 506/2; Sydenham 1296; CRI 209
Ex Stack's, Coin Galleries Auction, Lot 2117, March 2008

Notes: The consignor bought this coin as a fourree, which it may very well be. In hand, I have mixed feelings. Part of me wants to go with the fourree decision and the other is nagging at me that it's made of somewhat debased silver, with most of the purity having leached to the surface and the darker areas being darkly toned silver with some scattered deposits.