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RIC Volume X - Divided Empire to Fall of Empire: Aelia Verina (457-484)
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Aelia Verina (Verina).  Augusta 457-484.

Wife of Leo I
Mother of Aelia Ariadne and Leontia (wife of Patricius)
Sister of Basiliscus
Mother-in-Law of Patricius, Zeno and Anastasius I
Grandmother of Leo II
Aunt of Marcus

Cause of death:  Leading a dramatic and eventful life, surrounding several emperors and plots, she was eventually killed with some rebels at the fortress of Cherris in Isauria in Fall of 484, after staging the revolt of Leontius.

Leo I and Aelia Verina, AE4, 457-484, Constantinople
Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right
b | E
Legend flanking standing figure of Aelia Verina facing, globus cruciger in right hand, transverse scepter in left
11mm x 13mm, 1.11g
RIC X, 714 (C2) (Leo I); Vagi 3798

Note: The b | E in the fields abbreviate the name of Aelia Verina, with the Greek beta replacing the Latin V.