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Roman Provincial: Judaea-Ascalon


Roman Provincial, Judaea-Ascalon, Pseudo-Autonomous Issue under Titus, AE14, Year 176 (72/73 AD)
(No legend)
Draped, turreted, veiled bust of Tyche right
ςΘP / AΣ
War galley right, cross on prow
14mm x 15mm, 4.07g
cf. SNG Copenhagen 29; RPC 2204
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Consignor notes: Ascalon was founded thousands of years ago and continues to be an important port city in modern day Israel. It was the birthplace of Herod, who built many ornate buildings before the birth of Jesus. Greeks frequently placed objects on the prow of their galleys to honor the god who protected their journey. Clearly, there was a group of Christians for this issue who wanted to invoke the protection of Christ on their voyage.