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Hadrian, AE17, Mysia-Hadrianothera.  ADRIANOC AVGOVCTOC  Bare head of Hadrian right.  ADRIANOQHRITWN  Bear head left.  von Fritze, "Die antiken Munzen Mysiens", Berlin 1913, p.199, 565-6.

According to von Fritze, the bear depicted is apparently the she-bear Hadrian killed in a famous hunt, whereupon he founded on that site, the city of Hadrian's Hunt (Hadrianothera) as referenced to vita Hadriani 20, 13.

This coin was acquired from Kenn Hollister of Moneta, March, 2001.  Ex Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. Munzhandlung Catalog 366, Auction 25, Lot 583, October, 2000.