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Roman Provincials - North Africa-Numidia

Juba I, AR Denarius, 60-46 BC, North Africa-Numidia
REX . IV.BA Diademed, draped bust of King Juba right, with pointed beard and hair in formal curls, scepter at shoulder
Neo-Punic legend on either side (Yubai hammamleket)
Octastyle temple
17mm x 18mm, 3.30g
Sear GCV, Vol II, 6607

Notes from Marvin Tameanko: "This coin, even in worn condition is quite rare. I identified the temple shown in an article in the Celator, December, 1991, as a national shrine temple in Juba I's capital city. It would be similar to the capitolium in Rome but was probably dedicated to a Punic deity something like Baal, who was the equivalent of Zeus. The temple is a blend of Greek, Roman and Carthaginian architectural detail. The flat roof is a Punic style. The same temple on a bronze coin appears in Price and Trell's 'Coins and Their Cities', no. 508, page 225."