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Anonymous Issue under Augustus, AE23, 22/21 BC (Actian Era Year 10), Phoenicia-Tripolis
(No legend)
Turreted, veiled bust of Tyche right, stylis behind
Nike standing right on prow of galley, wreath upward in right hand, palm in left
LI / * in right field
23mm x 27mm, 6.88g
BMC -, but cf. p. 206, 30-32 (years 3, 6 and 20); Rouvier -, but cf. 1660-8 (years 4-8, 19-20); SNG Copenhagen -; cf. McClean 9512 (year 3); cf. Weber 8070 (date off flan); cf. Lindgren and Kovacs 2345 (identified as possibly year 10; appears to be year 10 but could be year 3); cf. Lindgren III 1453 (year 16)

Note from John Lavender: With the exception of the coin plated in Lindgren and Kovacs, which is uncertain as the date crowds the edge of the flan, this coin appears to have an unrecorded date for this issue. Known dates extend from year 3 of the Actian Era (29/8 BC) to year 20 (12/1 BC), so it is reasonable to expect an issue dated year 10. There is also some ambiguity in the references as to the identity of the item held over the shoulder of Tyche on the obverse. Sometimes it is described as a stylis, at others a palm. However, the fact is that both appear, and since most collections have only a few examples in miserable condition the ambiguity is excusable. On this coin, which is rather well preserved and has an attractive green patina, the object appears to be a stylis. On a final note, for some unexplained reason the authors of RPC I and supplements omitted this particular issue from their catalogue, although they included a coin of Antony and Fulvia dated to 42/1 BC (RPC I 4509), and subsequent issues of Augustus (RPC I 4511ff).

Severus Alexander, AE24, 222-235, Phoenicia-Tripolis
Bare head right
Temple of Zeus Hagios with four columns, flaming altar at center, statues of Helios on left and Selene on right
22mm x 23mm, 7.74g
Sear GIC 3373; BMC 26.226, 138