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Seleukid Kingdom - Alexander II, Zabinas (128-122 BC)

Seleukid Kingdom, Alexander II, Zabinas (128-122 BC), AE18 Serratus, Antioch on the Orontes
(No legend)
Head of young Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath
Tyche standing left, rudder in right hand, cornucopiae in left
Monogram over cross with rays in left field
17mm x 19mm, 6.81g
Sear GCV II, 7133; Newell 1015
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Consignor notes: The cross in the field was likely used because of the large population of the Diaspora throughout the lands of the Seleukid Kingdom and symbolized the anticipation of the coming Yeshua HaMasiach.