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Seleukid Kingdom - Antiochos III (223-187 BC)

Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochos III, AE20, 198-187 BC, Uncertain Mint #62 in Southern Coele Syria
(No legend)
Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet, dotted border
Nike standing left, palm in left hand, wreath in right
Anchor in oval countermark in left field, flukes upward
20mm x 21mm, 7.59g
Houghton & Lorber 1095

Consignor notes: aVF, well centered.

Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochos III, AE13, 223-187 BC
(No legend)
Diademed head right with middle-aged features
Palm tree with dates
13mm, 2.01g
Sear GCV, 6956

Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochos III, AE11, 223-187 BC
(No legend)
Laureate head of Apollo right
Apollo standing left, arrow in right hand, left hand leaning on bow
11mm, 1.45g
SNG Copenhagen 154