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Seleukid Kingdom - Antiochos IX, Kyzikenos (113-95 BC)

Antiochos IX, Kyzikenos, AR Tetradrachm, 110/109 BC, Ake Ptolemais
(No legend)
Diademed head right
Athena standing facing, head left, Nike kneeling left with upward sweeping wings, wreath with long trailing ties held high in both hands, in right hand, left hand resting on shield, vertical spear resting against her left arm, all within wreath
HP monogram in left field
26mm x 29mm, 16.44g
Slg. Houghton 814; SNG Spaer -; Newell, Ake & Damascus 48

Note: Incredible celatorship on these dies and one of the most dramatic representations of Nike I've ever seen. Also, the Ake Ptolemais mint is rare, according to Brad Bowlin, Seleukid expert and owner of Eukratides Ancient Numismatics on VCoins.