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Sogdiana Kingdom

Sogdiana Kingdom, King Rahanch (?), AE18, c.500 AD
(No legend)
Crowned bust of king facing 3/4 left
(No legend)
Tamgha in beaded circle, cross to left, symbol to right
18mm x 20mm, 1.57g
Ex Midwest "Coins of Christianity" Collection

Consignor notes: Sogdiana encompassed parts of modern day Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China and Iran. The religion of this region was a mix of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and "fire veneration". Based on this coin, it was also influenced by Christianity for some period of time. Sogdiana was invaded and conquered by Arab Iran in the 700s. Islam became the predominant religion in the 800s and the Muslim leaders promptly destroyed all previous temples and places of worship.