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Suevic Kingdom
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The Sueves were a minor Germanic people that set up a kingdom in northern Spain and Portugal in the 5th century. Modern Schwaben in Germany still bears their name.

Suevic Kingdom, in the name of Valentinian III, AV Tremissis, c.469-500, Braga Mint (?)
Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right
(No legend)
Cross surrounded by wreath terminating in large jewel engraved with X, |||||| on base
CONO in exergue
15mm, 1.05g
Peixoto Cabral & Metcal, 1997 "Suevic Coinage", Plate 6; Cayon 4

Notes: While the Suevi/Sueves minted coins in the name of Valentinian III for more than a century (c.469-549 AD), this coin belongs to the beginning of this period. Please click here for a discussion on this piece.