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Ancient Animal - Bull

Autonomous Issue, Lucania-Poseidonia, AR Stater, c.470-445 BC
Poseidon advancing right, nude but for chlamys over shoulders, left arm extended, about to hurl trident with right hand
POSE (retrograde)
Bull standing left within circular incuse
17mm x 19mm, 8.12g
HN Italy 1114; SNG Copenhagen 1279

This coin was acquired through a generous donation by Mikhali Steverding in 2001.

L. Thorius Balbus, AR Republican Denarius, 105 BC, Rome.  Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin, I . S . M . R downward behind, border of dots.  Bull charging right, P in upper left field, L . THORIVS above exergue, BALBVS in exergue, border of dots.  Thoria 1; Cr 316/1; BMC 1615-41; Syd 598.

Autonomous Issue, AE23, Early 1st Century BC, Spain-Celti-Iberian, Castulo Mint in the Jaen Province.  M . BAL . F (AL is ligate)  Bare head of male facing left.  M Q F  Bull walking right.  SNG BMC Spain 1386-1388; Villaronga, p. 338, 59; Alvarez Burgos 574.

Trajan, AE23, 106-107, Phoenicia-Aradus.  No legend.  Head of Astarte at left facing right, smaller head of Trajan at right, facing right.  EXT ARADIWN.  Hump-backed bull leaping left.  Sear GIC 1083.