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Ancient Animals - Eagle

Hiketas II, Sicily-Syracuse, AE23, c. 287-278 BC
Laureate head of young Zeus Hellanios left, trophy in right field
Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, * in left field
22mm x 24mm, 9.37g
SNG ANS 810; Calciati 156

Antiochos VIII "Grypos", AE19, 121-120BC, Antioch.  No legend.  Radiate head of Antiochos right.  BASILEWS | ANTIOXOY to right, EPIFANOYS to left.  Eagle standing left.  B?P under eagle.  Sear GCV 7154; BMC 4.90, 27.

Elagabalus, AR Tetradrachm, 219, Antiochia ad Orontem.  AVT K M A ANTWNEINOC CEB.  Laureate head right, drapery over left shoulder.  DHMARX CX VPATOC TO B.  Eagle standing facing, wreath in beak.  D E * in fields.  Sear GIC 3096.

Autonomous Issue (Possibly Gallienus alone), AE As, 3rd Century AD, Alexandria Troas, Northwest Asia Minor (Turkey), near Troy.  CO_L TROA  Turreted, draped bust of Tyche right, Legionary vexillum with AVG behind.  C_OL AV TRO  Eagle flying right, severed head of sacrificial bull in it's claws.  Bellinger A490.

"The eagle carrying a bull's head, which is a common occurrence from now [Commodus Caesar] on, must refer to a foundation legend, like that told of Antioch on the Orontes, of an eagle carrying part of a sacrificial animal to the spot where the new city was destined to rise." A. R. Bellinger, Troy: The Coins, Princeton 1961, reprint Sanford Durst 1979, p. 106.