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Ancient Animals - Griffin

Autonomous Issue, Panticapion-Black Sea Region, AE Tetrachalk, 21mm, c. 314-310 BC.  No legend  Head of old satyr right.  PAN  Legend around forepart of griffin left, sturgeon below.  Anokhin 111.

L. Papius, AR Roman Republican Denarius Serratus, 79 BC, Rome.  Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin, spear head with two dots behind, border of dots.  Griffin prancing right, unidentified object below, L. PAPI in exergue, border of beads and dots.  Papia 1; Cr. 384/1; Syd. 773

Note:  The worship of Juno Sospita was introduced into Rome from Lanuvium, the birthplace of the Papia gens. She was the protecting genius of women, accompanying them through life from birth to death. The symbols on the obverse and reverse are related and there are at least 235 pairs. They are usually well executed and cover the whole range of Roman life and industry, etc. and are mostly symbolic of the various trade-guilds.