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Ancient Animals - Lion

Autonomous Issue, AR Obol, c. 450-400 BC, Caria-Mylasa (?)
(No legend)
Forepart of lion facing, head between paws
(No legend)
Scorpion, tail to right
8mm, 0.50g
SNG Kayhan 934; SNG Copenhagen 379 (Uncertain Coins of Asia Minor); SNG von Aulock 7803
Ex Tom Vossen, VCoins, September 2005

Samaria-Caesarea Maritima, Hadrian, AE12, 117-138
Laureate head right
Lion walking right, serpent right above
12mm x 13mm, 2.26g, 1'
Kadman p.102, 30, pl.III, 30 (same reverse die?); cf.Rosenberger II p.5, 28 (obverse legend); SNG ANS 773-5
Ex Mike Fox

Note: CIFAC stands for Colonia Prima Flavia Avgvsta Caesareasis.

Autonomous Issue, AR Didrachm, 4th-3rd Century BC, Lucania, Velia.  Head of Athena right, helmet decorated with griffin, D above.  Lion crouching right, F pentagram I above.  YEAHTON in exergue.  SNG Cop. 1580.  Ex  Twelve Caesars.

Autonomous Issue, Ionia-Smyrna, AE20.  CMYPN_A  Turreted Amazon, battle-axe over shoulder.  CMYR | NAIWN  Legend above and below lion walking right.

Note from Curtis Clay - Klose, Muenzpraegung von Smyrna in der roem. Kaiserzeit, obv. die 6 rev. die 9 (pl. 9), cat. 11 p. 164 (12 spec.), dated "2nd-3rd cent."

Note from Dave Surber -   SNG Copenhagen has a similar coin (the lion has its paw on a wheel, etc), also listed as  "Time of the Antonines"... the next section is "Time of Marcus Aurelius", so I think  "Time of the Antonines" boils down pretty much to "Time of Antoninus Pius".

Septimius Severus, AE 17, Thrace-Philippopolis.  AVKA CEVHPOC  Bare head right.  FILIPPOPOLEITWN  Lion walking right.

Philip I, AR Antoninianus, 248, Rome, Officina 1.  IMP PHILIPPVS AVG  Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right.  S_AECVLARES AVGG  Lion walking right.  I in exergue.  RIC IV, Part III, 12.

Gallienus, AR Antoninianus, Asia.  GALLIENVS AVG  Radiate head left.  P M TR P XIII  Lion walking left, bull's head by paws.  CVIPP palm branch in exergue.  RIC V, Part I, 602.