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Ancient Animals - Scorpion

Autonomous Issue, AR Obol, c. 450-400 BC, Caria-Mylasa (?)
(No legend)
Forepart of lion facing, head between paws
(No legend)
Scorpion, tail to right
8mm, 0.50g
SNG Kayhan 934; SNG Copenhagen 379 (Uncertain Coins of Asia Minor); SNG von Aulock 7803
Ex Tom Vossen, VCoins, September 2005

Antiochos IV, Epiphanes, AE29 of Samosata, 38-72, Syria-Kingdom of Commagene.  BASILEYS ME ANTIOXOS EPI  Diademed bust right, anchor countermark.  KOMMAG_HNWN  Scorpion and inscription in laurel wreath.  Sear GIC 5507.  Ex. Time Machine.