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Ancient Animals - Wolf

AR Hemidrachm, Eythykleos (Magistrate), Argos-Argolis.  Forepart of wolf right.  Large A, owl below, E-Y-Q-Y-KLEOS across fields and in exergue.  Huntarian p. 153, 13. Ex. Time Machine.

P. Satrienus, AR Denarius, 77 BC.  Head of young Mars right, XXVIII behind.  ROMA above she-wolf walking left, P . SATRIE | NVS in exergue.  3.83g.  Cr 388/1b; BMC 3209-37; Syd 781a; Satriena 1.

Note:  This type refers to the foundation of Rome.  Mars was the father of Remus and Romulus.

Trajan-Quadrans-Wolf.jpg (18010 bytes)

Trajan, AE Quadrans, 98-117, Rome.  IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG  Laureate bust right, with drapery over left shoulder.  She-wolf walking right.  S C in exergue.  RIC II, 692.

Troas-Wolf.jpg (30976 bytes)

Autonomous Issue (Possibly Gallienus alone), AE As, 3rd Century AD, Alexandria Troas, Northwest Asia Minor (Turkey), near Troy.  CO-L TROA  Turreted, draped bust of Tyche right, Legionary vexillum with AVG behind.  COL AVG | TRO  She-wolf standing right, suckling Remus and Romulus.  Bellinger A495.