Photos taken in 1997 of Delphi, Greece.

As we approach the sanctuary area of Apollo, it is a beautiful day in Greece.  Our tour starts with where it all began.  The Marmara at Delphi and the Gymnasium can be seen in the small clearing in the distance toward the bottom middle left.

Behind us is the Gymnasium, which is only an open area with a couple of blocks on the ground today.  Ahead of us a round building, or tholos.

Much of the tholos still remains to be reconstructed.

Funding for reconstruction of the circular monument had run out, which is common from what I'm lead to believe.  The country of Greece has so many ancient sites competing for funding, it must be difficult for the government to assign allocations.

One last look before we start heading up to the sanctuary complex.

The sanctuary area of Apollo at Delphi is an expansive layout of buildings, following a path, known at "The Sacred Way", in the Parnassus Mountains.  In the distance, the sanctuary is shown amongst Cyprus trees.

At the base of the sanctuary, looking up, toward the Theater.

Continuing on our journey on the Sacred Way, our first encounter is the Treasury of Athens (one of nine treasuries in the complex).  In each photo, the very white colored blocks are those which are of modern origin to assist in reconstruction.  In some structures, extensive use of replacement materials are required.  This is especially evident at the tholos and one of the Treasury columns is entirely of new construction.

Next to the Treasury is the Sanctuary of Gaea.

Winding up the mountain, we stop for a moment at a spot dedicated to the Kings of Argos.

The next stop is to admire the large area of the Portico of the Athenians.

A column in an alcove in the Portico.

Various markers and tablets still stand in the Portico.

Past the Portico of the Athenians, on the next level up the mountain, lies the center of the sanctuary...the impressive Temple of Apollo.

Here is a view of the Treasury of Athens, looking down from the Temple of Apollo.

Near the top of the complex is the wonderful open air theater.  Looking down from the theater, the Temple of Apollo can be seen on the left and the Treasury of Athens on the right.

Just past the theater, is the stadium, where the Pythian Games were held.

These are the starting blocks, where the runners lined up to race.

Surrounding the stadium are stone bleachers.  This section is where the dignitaries sat, as evidenced by this section having seatbacks.

This archway and tunnel is the ingress and egress of the dignitaries.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this amazing and historically significant ancient site.