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Architecture - Turreted Busts

The coins in this collection are a neat variation to the architecture theme whereas Tyche, the city goddess, is shown wearing the city on her head.  There are examples where towers, city walls and even lighthouses are shown.  This collection is intended to show as many varieties as possible.

Autonomous Issue, AE21, c.1st Century BC, Phoenicia-Tyre
(No legend)
Veiled, turreted, draped bust of Tyche right
OHI (?) Tyre monogram / I EPA
Phoenician galley sailing left
X in right field behind galley
Undetermined exergue
18mm x 21mm, 6.27g
Sear GCV, Vol II, 5925v

Note: Sear GCV 5925 is an AE24 with a Phoenician date year 45 (82/81 BC).

Antoninus Pius, AE25, City Year 188 (140/141 AD), Syria-Laodicea ad Mare
AUTO KA TI AI AD_R ANTwNeINOC CEB (beginning from lower right)
Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust left, seen from behind
Draped bust of Tyche left wearing headdress with city gate and towers
QE in left field, H PR in right field
24mm x 25mm, 10.75g
BMC Galatia, etc. pg. 255, 61 var. (bust right); SNG Copenhagen 350 var. (same)

Anonymous Issue (Possibly Gallienus alone), AE As, 3rd Century AD, Troas-Alexandria, Northwest Asia Minor (Turkey), near Troy
Turreted, draped bust of Tyche right, legionary vexillum with AV/G on banner behind
Eagle flying right, severed head of sacrificial bull in its claws
20mm x 21mm, 4.50g
Bellinger A490

'The eagle carrying a bull's head, which is a common occurrence from now [Commodus Caesar] on, must refer to a foundation legend, like that told of Antioch on the Orontes, of an eagle carrying part of a sacrificial animal to the spot where the new city was destined to rise.' A. R. Bellinger, Troy: The Coins, Princeton 1961, reprint Sanford Durst 1979, p. 106.