VLPP - Mints

Map drawn by Jay Ritchie for Failmezger's Roman Bronze Coins from Paganism to Christianity 294-364 AD.  Used with permission of the author, all rights reserved.

The following mints produced the VLPP series during the listed years:

Arles - 319-320
London - 318-320
Lugdunum (Lyon) - 319-320
Rome - 315
Siscia - 318-320
Ticinum - 315, 318-319
Trier - 318-319

Note - all of the Western mints, controlled by Constantine I, that were open during the period of 315-320, minted coins for this series.  None of the Eastern mints, controlled by Licinius, minted these coins.  Although coins with this reverse were minted for Constantine I, Constantine II, Crispus, Licinius I and Licinius II, the series originated for Constantine I as evidenced by the small module solidii, minted in 315 at Rome and Ticinum.