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World Coins: Europe-Holy Roman Empire
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Holy Roman Empire-Austria

Holy Roman Empire-Austria-Salzburg, Eberhard II von Regensberg (1200-1246), Pfennig, Undated, Friesach Mint
Bishop standing facing, holding crook and key
Cherub facing, large cross above
Plain edge
14mm x 16mm, 0.84g, Silver
Mintage: Unknown
CNA Ci 7

Holy Roman Empire-Austria, Albrecht I (1282-1298), Pfennig, Undated, Graz Mint
(No legend)
Deer walking left, holding clover
(No legend)
Dragon (?) facing right
Plain edge
18mm x 21mm, 0.82g, Silver
Mintage: Unknown
CNA D 48b

Holy Roman Empire-Austria, Friedrich III (1439-1493), House of Habsburg, Pfennig, Undated (c.1481-1493), Graz Mint
F | R | I
Rampant lion left on shield, arches on three sides inscribed with legend
(No legend)
Imperial double eagle
Plain edge
17mm, 0.39g, Silver
Mintage: Unknown
CNA Fb34, P. 111-17

Holy Roman Empire-Germany

Holy Roman Empire-Germany-Kempten, Maximilian I (1493-1519), Half Batzen, 1515, Kempten Mint
Crowned imperial double-eagle in inner beaded circle, K in frame below
Shield of arms in inner beaded circle
Plain edge
21mm x 22mm, 1.89g, Silver
Mintage: Unknown