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World Coins: Middle East-Israel
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Israel, 10 Lirot, JE5728 (1968)
Israel (Hebrew script) / Israel (Arabic script) / ISRAEL / 10 / Israeli Lirot (Hebrew script) / 1968 . 5728 (Hebrew script, Jewish Year)
Temple facade
Menorah in wreath, buildings
Incuse Hebrew script edge lettering
26.0000g, 0.9000 Silver, 0.7524oz ASW, 38mm
Mintage: 50,000
KM 51

Note: 20th anniversary of independence issue with Jerusalem reunification theme. Hebrew translation on this page provided courtesy Daniel Friedman.

Israel, 50 Sheqalim, JE5774 (1984)
Israel ( Hebrew script) . Israel ( Arabic script) . ISRAEL
Replica of Hendin 670, TJC 214, AJC II, 30, Brom. 77, SNG ANS 455, 1/8th shekel bronze coin and it says "year four" in paleo-Hebrew, menorah and wreath to left, legend below
50 / Sheqalim (Hebrew script) / SHEQALIM / 5744 (Hebrew script, Jewish Year)
Denomination in two lines, * | * across fields, date below
Reeded Edge
Aluminum-bronze, 9.00g, 28mm
Mintage: 13,994,000
KM 139

*** Medals and Tokens ***

Israel, Bronze Medal, 1958
ISRAEL-LIBERATA . Tenth Anniversary of the liberation of Israel 5718 (Hebrew script, Jewish Year) .
Female standing left, holding child raised in outstretched arms at left, male planting tree at right, palm tree in center
Judea Capta 830 (Hebrew script, Jewish Year)
Reproduction of ancient Roman Imperial bronze coin of the Judea Capta series from the first Jewish rebellion, chain border
Plain Edge
Bronze, over 50.00g, 61mm