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David Cannon
DiMarzio-Brit Denarii
Eden Seminary
Emmett-Roman Egypt
Metzer-Arles Campgates

Individual Collections

Lately, I've been acquiring more and more pieces from large collections as they come to market through different auction houses, so I'll give what information I can. Also, I occasionally handle collections on a consignment basis, so I will list those on their own pages as they occur.

List of notable collectors and their collections:

Hardy, Tony - Deceased. Mr. Hardy amassed a fantastic collection of Greek (emphasis on Magna Graecia), Roman Republic and Roman Imperial coins. Not much can be said about him, unfortunately, since his collection was auctioned and sold through Classical Numismatic Group and was requested by the submitting entity to retain the name and information about him.  Fortunately, his collection was submitted to CNG, who did a great job, as always, photographing the coins for everyone to enjoy.